Our Efforts

How we did in 2015



portion of food distributed
that is certified organic



of our motorized vehicle
fleet is “Clean Air” certified



delivery miles tallied by
cargo bikes



portion of waste recycled
or composted



employee non-drive-alone
commute miles

A long-term project and a group project

Sustainability is not a project that we plan to wrap up by the end of the fiscal year. We see it as a continual work in progress and a way of doing business. At OGC, we regularly review what we’re doing and how we do it, and figure out where we can improve. We openly track our social and environmental performance in our Annual Sustainability Report.


The nitty-gritty details

  • We have a Sustainability Manager, a Senior Director of Organizational Vitality & Sustainability and several cross-facility committees representing all departments.
  • All employees take a sustainability orientation.
  • We pay for sustainability training.
  • Our key performance indicators are tied to the “triple bottom line”: people, profit and planet.
  • We are owned by regional farmers and employee shareholders.
  • To power the lights, computers, refrigerators and so on, we purchase renewable energy credits for wind, solar, low-impact hydro and biomass power projects.
  • Our entire transportation fleet is “Clean Air” certified.

  • Our fleet operates on biodiesel made from used cooking oil.
  • Our Portland facility uses FSC certified wood, advanced lighting controls and high-efficiency refrigeration.
  • In 2015, we avoided driving 4,322 miles by delivering 535 tons of produce to customers in Portland’s urban core with cargo tricycles.
  • We reimburse employees who bike, walk, carpool or take other alternative transportation to work.
  • In 2015, we recycled or composted more than 93 percent of waste.
  • In 2015, we donated 588 tons of edible but unsalable organic produce to 6 food banks.
  • While it has little to do with our motivations, we’ve won some awards and recognition.

Download our 2015 Annual Sustainability Report here: 2015 Sustainability Report low-res or 2015 Sustainability Report high-res version.
View our Full Report OGC Full Sustainability Report