Awards: Thank you for the recognition

Awards have little to do with why we do what we do, but we are happy to see the efforts we value being appreciated by a variety of other organizations and municipalities.

  • Portland Business Journal’s 2017 Healthiest Employers of Oregon 10th Place in the 100-449 employees category.
  • City of Gresham 2014 & 2015 GREAT business award.
  • Fred Meyer Vendor of the Year award: 2014, 2012 and 2005.
  • Portland Business Journal’s 2011 Innovation in Sustainability, finalist in “Innovation in Sustainable Operations” category in 2011.
  • Eugene Chamber of Commerce 2010 Emerald Award for Environmental Value.
  • 2010 Oregon Next Generation Company Award.
  • Easy Street – “First company/customer to choose 100% renewable power” for the operation of our servers and data storage.
  • Ecological Farming Association 2009 Sustie award, for “Stewards of Sustainable Agriculture” and demonstrating in word and action a long-term, significant contribution to the well-being of agriculture and the planet.
  • City of Portland 2009 BEST Award for Sustainability, “Sustainable Food Systems” category.
  • Oregon Ethics in Business 2009 Award finalist.
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 2009 Fleet Forward, for cleaner fuels and fuel savings.
  • Oregon Business magazine 2009 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon.
  • Oregon Organic Coalition 2009 Wholesaler of the Year.
  • Awarded the first-ever Western Region Sustainable Private/Small Fleet Award at the 2017 Green Transportation Summit.
  • City of Eugene 2007 Mayor’s Bold Steps Toward Sustainability honor.
  • Clean Cities Coalition 2007 Fleet of the Year, for commitment to reducing emissions through increased efficiency measures and responsibly sourced biodiesel.
  • City of Eugene Business Recycling Award Group 2006 BRAG Award, for preventing waste, buying recycled and recycling.
  • PGE 2006 environmental stewardship award, for using 100% wind power.
  • Oregon Food Bank 2016 recognition, for the “constant stream of high quality produce.”
  • Oregon Tilth 2006 Outstanding Visionary of the Year, for sustainability initiatives.
  • Provender Alliance 2006 Yellow Eco-Brick Road Award, “for attention to the footprint left behind, creating a path toward a sustainable tomorrow, and taking deliberate steps to get there.”
  • City of Eugene 2006 Community Sustainability Recognition award, for environmental practices (shared with Staples, King Estates Winery, Forrest Paint and Lane Community College.”
  • 2013 & 2015 Salmon-Safe Award reflecting our longstanding commitment to support environmentally-conscious agriculture.
  • Food for Lane County’s Facing Hunger Certificate, for outstanding food donations”; every year since 2003.