Distribution Schedule

Where we deliver

We distribute fresh organic produce throughout the Northwest, as far north as Alaska, and east to Bozeman, MT. We will do a dark drop if there is a secure location for produce to be left and you have a credit card on file. If you have special delivery needs, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Distributing Across the Greater Northwest and Beyond

Regionally we ship produce to Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana out of our four facilities, and service other territories throughout the US and Canada through our National Sales Program.

  • 35+ truck fleet runs on biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel blend
  • 100% “Clean Air” certified trucks
  • 1.3 reportable accidents per million miles in 2016
  • Partner with B-Line to deliver into Portland’s dense urban core, using zero-emission cargo trikes
  • Small transit vans used for second run deliveries

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OGC distribution map