Our Partners

It takes partnerships

While we aspire to be an example of sustainable business, we don’t work alone. We team up with many organizations that also are striving to make our industry more sustainable.

Oregon Tilth Certified OrganicOregon Tilth Certified Organic

Our organic certification comes from Oregon Tilth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing practices that promote soil health, conserve natural resources, and prevent environmental degradation, while producing a clean and healthful food supply.

partner-salmonsafeSalmon Safe

We’ve been working with the nonprofit group Salmon-Safe to certify growers who pack under our LADYBUG brand. Salmon-Safe works to improve and protect urban and agricultural waterways so native salmon are able to spawn and thrive. When working with farms, the group assesses biodiversity, water conservation and quality of land management to award its seal of approval. Over 30 LADYBUG farms are certified Salmon-Safe.

partner-growOrganics Unlimited & GROW

We buy bananas exclusively from Organics Unlimited, which operates “Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers.” GROW donates money to educational programs and dental and vision clinics in southern Mexico & Ecuador. Since 2005, our sales of GROW bananas have contributed more than $1,200,000 in GROW donations.

Domestic Fair Trade Association

We belong to the Domestic Fair Trade Association, which sets standards for domestic fair trade and the health, welfare and treatment of workers.

partner-sftSustainable Food Trade Association

In 2005, we hosted a Sustainability Summit for the organic produce industry, to discuss our common goals. That led to three years of work, and in 2008 we joined 17 other companies to found the Sustainable Food Trade Association (originally it had a more unwieldy name). Today the organization has more than 60 members and partners nationwide, including growers, processors, retailers, certifiers, distributors and others working to adopt more fully sustainable business models.

USDA Organic

The U.S. Department of Agriculture sets standards and oversees organic farmers and businesses to ensure that organic food is produced with organic methods.


GLOBAL G.A.P. is a global farm assurance program, working to set standards for Good Agricultural Practice in a growing list of countries – currently more than 100.

Oregon Organic Coalition

The Oregon Organic Coalition provides a unified voice to advance the development and growth of the organic industry and community in Oregon. It includes representatives from both the organic trade and other groups active in the organic community.

Organicology Conference

We teamed up with Oregon Tilth, Sustainable Food Trade Association and the Organic Seed Alliance, to sponsor the Organicology conference to offer training, workshops and networking opportunities to help build a healthier, more sustainable food system.


We are proud to work with EPEAT, the definitive global rating system to help businesses, schools and other organizations understand their best options for greener electronics.

Green Seal

Green Seal is a nonprofit organization that uses science-based sustainability standards to certify products, services and companies, with the goal of promoting sustainability and helping organizations be greener in a real way.

TreeZero Paper

TreeZero Paper manufactures & distributes alternate fiber paper, distinguished by their 100% tree-free paper.

National Organic Coalition

We are active in the National Organic Coalition, which provides a “Washington D.C. voice” for farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, consumers and progressive industry members involved in organic agriculture.

other partners

Other sustainability partners

• We donate to the Organic Seed Alliance and serve on its board.
• We donate to Provender Alliance and serve on its board.
• We donate to Puget Consumers Cooperative’s Farmland Trust.
• We contribute to Ecotrust’s Farm-to-School program.
• We are members of The Association of Oregon Recyclers.
• We are members of The Street Trust.
• We actively participate with the Organic Trade Association, National Organic Standards Board, Clean Wind and others.